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Our small team of volunteers work hard to make every event a great success and make the most of your investment in time and a little bit of money.

All the volunteers are business owners in their own right so please take moment to get to know them.

Fearless Leaders

Elliot Harris

Elliot Harris

Hello! I’m Elliot

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and spent over 40 years working with charities and owner managed businesses of many types and sizes; from national to local businesses, and from start-ups to multi-million pound businesses. I have worked with national and international charities as well as small local not for profit organisations.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take early retirement, but I was never one of nature’s gardeners or a DIY enthusiast and my golf is appalling! So I decided to set up my own consultancy specialising in all the work I used to love doing but none of the stuff I hated. I specialise in helping the business or the charity to do some long term planning including adding value to existing businesses either in the short or long term.

I was a Governor of Leicester College for 12 years and I am currently a trustee of the Dawson and Fowler Foundation and have just been appointed as a trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation.

For more information go to or email me at

Gina King

Gina King

Hello! I’m Gina

I have been working for LWA for 4 years now and absolutely love my job. LWA is a really small charity doing a huge job of supporting children, men and women who have had their lives shattered by domestic abuse.

We provide one to one support to help people get out of their situations, help them to move on and gain the confidence and self value they need to be able to rebuild their lives.

My job as a fundraiser is to raise awareness and vital funds for the charity so that we can support more people. It costs around £400 to support just one person so every penny that we receive into the charity really is appreciated. We organise lots of events that people can get involved in to raise money like the Loughborough Half Marathon, The Coalville Colour Run and our latest venture is a Halloween Masked Ball so something for everyone to get involved with.

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Clare-Adele Howe

Clare-Adele Howe

Hello! I’m Clare

I am an Authorised Distributor with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club. I run this business alongside another business that I run from home and alongside a job and other commitments. ​

I love working with smiley happy people, people that want more from their lives and who are prepared to put in the work to get what they want.

Personally, I’ve found running my own business to be very rewarding. It gives me the freedom from spending endless hours doing unrewarding work for someone else’s retirement.

Running your own business, you get out of it what you put in, set your own hours, be your own boss hold yourself accountable! And I am here to support my clients every step of the way so they’re never on their own.

My background is in construction and I used to run an environmental consultancy specializing in the built environment, I swapped the stress and long hours for a life of organised chaos leaving me with a more flexible and balanced lifestyle.

Please contact me at

Karl Craig-West

Karl Craig-West

Hello! I’m Karl

I run Buzz Website Design which builds websites and provides web-marketing support for small businesses in Leicestershire and around the East Midlands.

I’m also the organiser of the Leicester Business Expo which is Leicestershire’s biggest small-business networking and growth show.

I’m a big fan of helping to develop the small-business economy and that’s the ethos that we have running through my businesses.

Please contact me at

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Stephen Woolley

Stephen Woolley

Hello ! I’m Steve

I own and operate Tutor Doctor Loughborough, delivering personalised 1:1 private academic tuition services for students of all ages.

In 2016, I decided put my business experience in the corporate world to use in a different way. With two teenage children at school in Loughborough, I noticed a growing trend for parents to look for additional help to support their children’s education and to maximise their achievements at school.

It also became apparent that these needs could be better served, if only there was a way to match families needing help with the excellent tutoring resources available in the area, and so Tutor Doctor Loughborough was born.

My vision is to create a recognised and trusted source of individually tailored learning help for local families in Loughborough and the surrounding area.

For more information go to, or email me

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